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Pi Day with a Healthy Twist


Happy March 14th, everybody!


If you haven’t heard yet, math fans all around the world are posting puns, baking pies, and letting their geek flag fly in honor of Pi Day – the day that best resembles that magical number pi. Whether you stopped caring about math in high school or are a top-shelf engineer or mathematician, you’ve had some experience with pi, and whether you love it or hate it, you at least know how important it is.

We’re a gym, not a math lecture, and we don’t want to turn this into Geometry 101. However, we do love pie. And what better way to celebrate Pi Day in a gym than with some pie recipes that won’t send you into a caloric tailspin?

Start with the crust – the single most important part of a pie. You can fill a pie with all sorts of delicious filling, but a good crust will make or break your enjoyment. For a healthier option, try this graham cracker pie crust that only has two ingredients. If you want to keep it more savory and fill with your favorite roasted meats/vegetables, here’s a whole wheat crust that also has a gluten free option. Finally, it IS possible to get that traditional flakey pie crust to fit a healthier lifestyle.

Once you have your crust, you need to fill that baby up with whatever your heart desires (within reason, of course). There’s the traditional  apple pie that doesn’t have to have a ton of sugar or butter, pumpkin pie if you want to just skip spring and summer, or my personal favorite blueberry pie that captures everything awesome about blueberries in pie form. No matter your favorite pie, there are steps you can take to tone back the calories and fat.

Now, no magic recipe will ever make up for the fact that pie is, well, pie. This isn’t something that can be used to go dessert crazy, and should be used in moderation. However, everyone is entitled to dessert as long as it is kept within reason, and these recipes can help you indulge a bit while maintaining a path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Granted, one doesn’t always associated math with indulgence. But, not every day is Pi Day.


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